Monday, April 20, 2020

The Story of my HAIRFALL

One of the various side effects of adulting is hair fall😞. Earlier I used to take this as a normal thing, but then slowly this ignorance changed everything.
 But the good thing is that I finally realised what is good for me and my hairs😌. And now I am at a better condition and more satisfied. 

Here is my story with some of the hair fall products (they are all my personal experiences which may or may not be same as from yours). So as a beginner I didn't want to experiment much. I wanted a simple, best and full proof remedy. Searching solutions online💻 was very confusing so I asked my friend who was having an amazing hair in her profile pictures. She told me that she was also facing same issues and she was using this Livon Hair Gain Tonic and it was working for her. So I tried the same. 

  • Livon Hair Gain Tonic For Women: It says that completing three bottles in three months will give you the desired results. But my hair fall completely stopped in just two months😌 . Although I completed its course of three months. But the results were temporary. After few days , hair fall started again. I completed this cycle twice. After which I realised that it is not good for me. For temporary, it's best.But I needed a better and more permanent thing. Also it has availability issues so I switched to other product😞. Now I was ready for some experiments.I searched online for more ayurvedic stuffs and found this Blue Nectar Oil.

  • Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Briganantadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil : It gave me the flavour of luxury and thats it ! 😠 No other effects.Its packaging and looks was kind of luxurious which was not expected from an ayurvedic product. Then my search again started. I like some of the Biotique  products. So I thought why not give a try to its hair fall product.

  • Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum For Falling Hair Intensive Hair Growth Treatment: I liked its smell. Its bottle is not any spray type bottle so its daily application was little bit of messy 😒. I completed one full bottle but then there was no result. But it was a feel good and affordable bottle , you can buy it from here -click here !  . I thought I have lost everything. Then I heard Mamaearth ad everywhere. I realised that I was not alone facing such issues. Almost everyone was having this problem. It motivated me to try more😎 and find its perfect solution. So I bought Mamaearth Hair Tonic.

  • Mamaearth Pro-Growth Hair Tonic: This was new thing in the market.Its application part was easy.I got this feeling that yes there was a chance to get back my sweet long healthy hairs. But It was just a feeling. Nothing appreciable 😓 improvement occurred. But if you want to have that feeling then click here ! 

Now I was ready to accept my defeat😓 .I lost all my hopes. Then finally I asked my parents. This should be my first step but at that time I was not ready for their kind of solutions. I know this is wrong. But I have realised my mistake and from now on I will try their solution first 😇.

What worked for me?
I am sure you won't believe me about this product. My hair fall stopped completely😀. Also there is a lot of improvement in my hair thinning problems. I finally found my true love. Its Triphala churna. Yes it tastes like hell😅 , but one spoon in night is a gateway to the heaven of healthy long hairs. It has various other benefits also. It will start showing results after minimum two months of continuous use. I know its a slow process but it is absolutely perfect process. By the way slow and steady wins the race😎.You can buy it from here- click here ! . I have also started giving me myself an oil massage once in a week with any available oil. So it's like I am using basic and simple solutions.

I would suggest you to take action against this hair fall as soon as possible, because this delay will only add things which you may not like. Also instead of going for chemicals, try ayurvedic. If you have any such amazing full proof solution, feel free to share with me 😊 in the comments section below. Stay healthy !

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