Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Basics of Journaling - Free Udemy Course

Hello Everyone! Today is a very special day for me. Finally, my first Udemy course is live. I am really excited about this. Here it is Basics of Journaling.

Basics of Journaling - Free Udemy Course
It's a short course of duration less than 34 minutes and you can invest this small amount of time to get a new insight. Since it's my first course and it is just the beginning, so this course is available for free. Although after some time, I will change its status from free to paid. Until then Enjoy this relaxing course regarding journaling: Click Here!

This course contains all the basic information about journals. In the beginning, you will learn about what is journaling and what are its uses. Then you will see the supplies available and ways to fill an empty notebook.
Then you will see how to set up the bullet journal and the uses of trackers. In the end, we will bust few common myths regarding journaling (Click here! ).

Journaling has changed my life a lot. It helped me in identifying my problems and thus making me solve them. In this time of uncertainty, I would suggest you start this method of internal introspection. I am sure you will love it. Keep Enjoying life!

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