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How to Teach online and Start Earning Like an Expert?

How to Teach online and Start Earning Like an Expert?

According to a recent report, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $ 325 billion in 2025. Due to its continuous growth, competition in this field is also getting tough. But with the help of a few basics tips, you can stand out from the crowd. Before going a little bit deeper into it, subscribe to this blog ( from the link given in the bottom) to stay connected.

This e-business is just like other businesses but here the strategy is a little bit different. To start earning, here are some important points on which you should focus first :

  • Know your Audience: It is very important to know about your audience. Their age group, preferable medium (language) of study, basic concepts, and so on. For a child who doesn't know how to add and you are asking for multiplication; or if he is comfortable in the English language and you are teaching in Hindi. Try considering a larger group and their such details. This you can find by doing online surveys of various other such types of channels. It's really important to know about your competitors.

  • Platform: So what is your platform? Youtube? Zoom ? or Vedantu?Chegg? itutor? the list is very long. But Here I am considering Youtube only. Why? Because you need to have a proper strategy on Youtube only as you are the sole owner of your channel. But in other platforms, you are just a worker sho is doing a job provided by their seniors. They are also a good source of income. You can try those also. It depends on you how you want to earn. You can teach in someone'else school or in your own school ( Youtube ). But the struggle in Youtube is more. Because now you will be responsible for each aspect of your channel like publicity, managing full engagement, regular updates to earn your audience's confidence, and so on.

  •  Gadgets: you can make a video through mobile also. Starting from basics is a good idea. But to make a good impact on your audience you can invest in:
    •  A good mic,
    • Camera( I don't think it is good to invest here in the beginning), 
    • Writing tablet ( for writing online if you are making videos by recording a PowerPoint presentation),
    • Whiteboard( if you are recording a traditional method of teaching; but you can do so on a paper also) and so on. 
But if you ask me then I will say go for that tablet and mic; teach using PowerPoint presentation. It looks more professional and things are arranged in a decent manner. You can even windows Ink Workspace if you need it.


  • Software
    • Firstly if you want to make a professional video then you will need a good video editor. I prefer Wondershare Filmora because it is very easy to use for me. Although its free version will contain its watermark. So you have two options. First, buy it which you can do when you start earning. Second is an illegal way which is to find its key online and all. But there are many other free video editors also like OpenShot, Shotcut, etc.
    • If you want royalty-free pictures for free, you can use PexelsPixbayistock, etc.
    • For making thumbnails or posters, you can use Canva. It's very easy to use. 
    • Microsoft PowerPoint for making presentation which will help you in teaching.
    • In case you want to teach live then you can use Microsoft teams or Google meet.
These are just basic software. Don't get scared. You will become comfortable automatically after using it.

  • Advertisement: I know you have knowledge which people want to learn. But are they even aware of your presence? I know your work will speak. But this era is different. Here even knowledge needs efforts for spreading out. And thanks to the technology you can place ads anywhere. You can place ads on Facebook, Google, Youtube, and so on. You can even use posters, pamphlets, or asking your friends and relatives to spread about your online stuff. But I consider it an old school method. I prefer giving ads on online platforms.

  • Regular Engagement: After knowing about your teaching, the will come back to learn more. But in case of your irregularity, you may suffer a decrease in audience level. So its really required to upload regularly. Daily uploading is best but difficult also. You can try once a week or once in three days or so on. You can give them free stuff ( like pdf files) to earn their royalty.

  • Content: See this should be your first and major concern. The way you teach, your topic of teaching, your way of engagement with students are all very important aspects. After doing everything else if your content is not good, then competition is very tough. you may lose. So always keep updating your content including the material, way of teaching, and so on.

  • Patience: Yes patience. You need to have patience. It will take time for you to get established. By the way according to the present (2020) Youtube Policy, your channel will be monetized if you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. It's not difficult if you have the right strategy and obviously some patience.

After reading this you may get some doubts on yourself that maybe this is not the right time. But trust me, the right time for anything is now. Just start it. At least you will have an experience.Do subscribe to this blog ( from the link given in the bottom) to stay connected. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. You can even share your views by commenting below. Stay Motivated!

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