Sunday, July 11, 2021

Introduction to My Sphere

Introduction To My Sphere


Hello!! This is my first post in the tag "My Sphere" where I am going to give you its introduction.

So, under this tag, I will be sharing with you my day-to-day casual experience. This will not only help me in understanding the situation better, but it will also help you by giving you a different perspective. You can use this perspective in your life situation.

Earlier I used to have a tag - 'Perception' and ' Self-Aid'. The former one consisted of all my thoughts on general matters and the latter one consisted of all those kinds of stuff that you can use to help yourself. . But now I am going to combine them with 'My Sphere' and the post will now be more personal. I hope you would like this change.

You can even share your opinions about my story or you can share your story. Just try to keep it healthy and help me in sharing positivity.