Wednesday, January 20, 2021

54321 Technique to deal with Anxiety

54321 Technique to deal with Anxiety
Despite being confident every time, there are some scenarios where we lose our confidence and a train of unnecessary thoughts starts running at a lightning speed. This anxiety can lead to many setbacks and insecurities in our life. To deal with it, we need some grounding tool that grounds us in our safe zone. Ok, now you will be thinking about what is a safe zone. The safe zone is present

While that train of thoughts makes us go in either past or future, we forget that we are in present and start panicking as a response to the situation which either has arrived in the past or is yet to come. This clearly means that at present you are not in that vulnerable situation or we can say that we are in our safe zone. And we can reduce the impact of past situations or prevent future ones by focusing on our present. 

So here we have one of the famous grounding tools that will help you with anxiety or any other such issue:

54321 Grounding Technique

So in this technique, first try to take 2-3 deep breaths and then acknowledge:
  • 5 things which you see around. It may be a door, window, paper, fan, or anything.