Monday, August 30, 2021

Different ways of Writing a heading (Only easy ones)

Different ways of Writing a heading (Only easy ones)
Do you struggle a lot while writing a heading for your journal?

Do you think that you need more supplies for writing a perfect heading?

Does it take a lot of time in making a heading?

Are there any such questions in your mind? If yes then check this video:

I hope now you will be at a much better stage and can manage writing heading quickly without any effort. Do share it with #therusticjournal. I would love to see your way of writing a heading.

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Stay Organized! 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Tie or Untie Hair: The Emotional Difference

Tie or Untie Hair: The Emotional Difference
Ok, this may seem a  little bit of a weird thing to you. But give it a chance. Maybe you also feel relatable.

This evening I was busy doing my work on the laptop, then suddenly I realized that I have untied my hair and was playing with it unknowingly. I thought why I did this. I mean what is the difference between tied hair and untied or open hair. So these were my observations:

I used to tie my hair:

  • When it is hot like in summers (Obviously).
  • When I need to focus.
  • When I am doing something in which my body is moving and I have to maintain my eyesight clear.