Thursday, August 12, 2021

Tie or Untie Hair: The Emotional Difference

Tie or Untie Hair: The Emotional Difference
Ok, this may seem a little bit of a weird thing to you. But give it a chance. Maybe you also feel relatable.

This evening I was busy doing my work on the laptop, and then suddenly I realized that I had untied my hair and was playing with it unknowingly. I thought why I did do this. I mean what is the difference between tied hair and untied or open hair. So these were my observations:

I used to tie my hair:

  • When it is hot like in summer (Obviously).
  • When I need to focus.
  • When I am doing something in which my body is moving, and I have to maintain my eyesight clear.
  • When I need to present myself to others
  • When I am multitasking like traveling and doing something else together.

I used to untie or open my hair:

  • When I want to relax.
  • When I am enjoying the moment like writing or traveling or dancing or any such thing. I love to feel the air from my hair while I am traveling.
  • When I need to feel liberated.
  • When I have a good hair day.
  • When I have to become confident.
  • When I feel loved or blessed.
  • When I feel stressed after a long time of tied hair.
  • When I feel that I am beautiful.
  • When I want to become myself.
Can you see the difference between these two cases? In the first case, I talked about only external factors or emotionless things. And in the second case, it was all about emotions. It is just a short example to tell you, that you can change your feelings towards yourself or you can add emotions to your monotonic life by just doing a small change. For me, this small change was untieing the tied hairs. What is this small change in your case?

These were just my observations. It may be different from yours. But surely there will be some type of small change in your life that you can do to make yourself more liberated. In the comment section below, write that change. I would love to hear from you. You can even share your experiences.

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  1. You are made up of love. Thought provoking article

  2. Thank you for reading this post and giving such a response. I am glad that you liked it.