Sunday, August 9, 2020

5 Useful Tips for Time Management

Hello Everyone! I know this pandemic has changed our lives a lot. Has it locked our minds also? If no, then why are we wasting time just worrying about things that may not even happen. Like other things, this time will also pass on. You must use it efficiently to get a kickstart in your life which will start again after this pandemic. This is your golden time and you don’t want to miss it after knowing its value.
5 Useful Tips for Time Management
I know these things sound good but implementing them is a tough task. But you don’t need to worry because here I have 5 useful tips for you that will help you in managing this golden time. Don't forget to subscribe to this blog to stay connected (the subscription option is given at the bottom of this page).

Time management is always been overrated stuff ( although you cannot rate it because it is invaluable). You can find many time management tips all over the internet or from your elders or friends or anyone. But one key cannot open all the locks. For every lock, there is a unique key. Similarly, not all tips will work for you. There are some unique ones that you have to find yourself by trial and error method. This means you try one of the available tips and then judge yourself, if it didn't work then go to the next one, else include it in your life.

Here I have 5 useful tips for time management which you can try :
  • 1.  Check your screen time: in your mobile settings, you can find your screen time. In some, you can even see the screen time of each app. Calculate it. See how you wasted time just watching nothing ( only scrolling ) on YouTube/ Instagram.  Watching a single one-hour episode of your favorite show is better than wasting 3-5 hours on nothing ( but don't start binge-watching). This will be an effective break for you and then you can go back and do your work efficiently.
  • 2. Priority list: see it's not necessary to postpone things till they become urgent. You can make a list of all the things which you have to do. Then mark stuff that is on your number one priority, then medium priority, and then the lowest one. Always do the top priority stuff first, but after completing those stuff,  if you have time then you can ho further also. And make sure to cross it out from your list ( Trust me it will make you feel very relaxed).
  •  3. Time table for each day: in the night before, prepare a timetable for your next day. Fit all your important things there. Paste it in front of your workspace or add things into a mobile app or anywhere. Try your best to follow it. One important thing to remember is that timetables are never perfect. You will see that due to some unexpected things you have to alter it. So be prepared for it. Don't get demotivated. At least you tried to follow it and completed a few tasks also. The timetable is not made once a week or month. It is daily stuff.
  • 4. Try Pomodoro: I know you might not prefer working for hours in the beginning. So try this technique. Here you work for ( let's say ) 30 Minutes and take 10 minutes break. Do this for 2 hours. And day by day you can increase this time and if you want then you can reduce the break time. There are many apps available that will help you with that.
  • 5. Hydration: you might get surprised after looking at this section. But it's important to have water near you. Being hydrated will make you more active and you will use time more efficiently.

There are many such things which may help you. But it's you who have to decide. By just reading such kinds of stuff you are not going to achieve anything. Put things into action. Stop using the word " Tomorrow". Use "Today". For more such stuff, do subscribe to this blog and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. You can share your opinions by commenting below. Stay active!