Monday, October 19, 2020

Why Everyone is so Obsessed with Honey??

Why Everyone is so Obsessed with Honey??

I never understood why people were so obsessed with Honey until it came to my life. It wasn't intentional. But after using it, I realized that we have to add products like this in our life to get a healthier version of ourselves. 

Benefits of Honey

Honey has so many benefits. Many of which you already know. So here I have only those which I tried myself: 

Why Everyone is so Obsessed with Honey??

  • Take honey in lemon water empty stomach first in the morning to reduce weight. But I used to add it to my green tea or black coffee. This makes my drink taste better.
  • Try adding honey to your face pack. Don't forget to take before and after pictures to get proof of this. Your skin will start radiating instantly. It was my mother who used it in a face pack and gave it to me. I thought nothing much will happen. But I was really surprised. It was very effective.
  •  Recently I was suffering from a hair fall. I tried many home-based hair packs. And the one which I loved the most is a mixture of curd and honey. Just after the first use, you will start seeing the results. Honey adds shine to your hair and also helps in dandruff and hair fall issues.
  •  Honey is a boon for almost all types of throat issues. During childhood, my mother used to give me honey plus sitopladi ( ayurvedic medicine) for throat and cough issues. It worked miraculously.  Honey comes very useful to those who cannot take pills directly. Crush those pills and mix them with honey and then give. Honey will make it taste better.  Honey boosts your energy, immunity, and memory. It is also helpful in sleeping issues. In fact, it is much better than sugar for diabetic patients ( or you can say it is less harmful than sugar). 

Issues with Honey

  • Authenticity issue: The market is loaded with a variety of honey. Many of them use sugar syrup and other substances. Thus they are more harmful. 
  • The issue for diabetic patients: Although honey is better than sugar, still, it is not a good choice for diabetic patients
  • Ant issue: Despite being so careful, I don't know how ants reach there. But here I have used a few tricks to make them stay away. You can put honey inside the refrigerator ( but do regular check it as honey can crystallize) or use a squeeze bottle for it.

Purity Test

While putting honey in the refrigerator, it starts crystallizing. I thought it was due to adulteration. But no. It is the property of honey. So tried for an easy purity test:
Why Everyone is so Obsessed with Honey??
  • Take a glass full of water. Add one tablespoon of honey to it. If it settles down as a lump then it is pure. Else if it gets dissolved in water, then it's the adulterated honey.
  • Take a candle. Dip it in honey. and then lit it. If it burns easily then it's pure. Else it has water content. This method checks only for water content in honey.
 I know sugar cravings sometimes go to another level. You can have a cheat day for those cravings. But you can control those cravings with the help of Honey. Adding honey to the present lifestyle is a healthy decision. I hope you will add it too and become obsessed with it just like me.😎 This is yet another way of living a rustic life. 
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