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How Future Anxieties aren't as Bad as You Think


How Future Anxieties aren't as Bad as You Think

According to a study ( in 2017 ), an estimated one in seven Indians suffered from mental disorders of varying severity with depression and anxiety being the commonest. So congrats!! You are not alone. It's a common thing.  I am sure this data has relaxed you a little bit and for more relaxation keep reading.

What are your Future Anxieties?

Before dealing with them, you should first know about your anxieties. Here are some common ones:

  • Either no job/career or no job satisfaction.
  • Expenses are now an issue for you.
  • Either you don't have a partner or you are not sure about him/her.
  • Diminishing social circles with no one who can understand you.
  • Families are either overprotective or over ignorant.
Well, there are many such common anxieties. Whenever you think about your future, you can only see it clouded. There are so many uncertainties. Guess what, I am also facing many of them. In fact, worrying makes me keep eating anything and everything present in the kitchen. And the result is weight gain which is a source of another type of anxiety😓.

Is there any other Perspective of these Anxieties?

Let me tell you a secret (which is obviously not a secret😄): Half of the problem is solved when you identify them. Click here to know the right approach towards solving your problems. So I sat alone in a silent room with no or least distraction. And then I wrote all my anxieties in one place. I did a little bit of research on them - like what is the reason behind them and so on. I tried to look at them from a different perspective. Like if you are having any above said anxiety then read this:

How Future Anxieties aren't as Bad as You Think

  • Employment: Why are you still unemployed? are you doing the same mistake again? Is this really your field where you want to go or just your mind is illusioned by society? What does a satisfying job mean to you? If not this then what else? If there is no other option then try to get that satisfaction here in this job until you find another one.
  • Money: I know saving for the future is very important. But it is more important to invest in today. If it's not an investment then it's a mistake that you should control. Generate a source of income that satisfies your needs. And if you have that and still worrying then the issue is in your mind😣.
  • Partner: The partner issue is very irritating😒. You know how many people are suffering because of their partners. So be happy that you don't have any and wait till you get the perfect match for you. And if you have then why are you not sure about him /her? Try taking a mini breakup which means no interaction for a week or a month. If still, you miss them then I think you don't have any option, you should go back to them. And if you feel relieved and relaxed then I guess it's time to take a permanent breakup. See personal space and time is very important. If you are not getting that then you will doubt everyone around you. So these types of mini-breaks will help you clear your mind if you are not getting enough space and time for yourself.
  • Social Life: Social circles👥 are just about the number of Facebook friends or contacts in your phone or people you know. But tell me one thing do you really want to spend time with them? I don't have many friends but guess what, I don't want many friends. I have a few ones which are so special that I don't felt that need to find more. It's that you are concentrating on your quantity that you are missing the quality. Try reconnecting with the old ones. Friendship is a two-way process in which you have to move first. Don't expect them to take the first step toward you because friends don't have any common sense. And always be kind to any new person you meet. Maybe you will get a good friend forever in these new people.
  • Family: Haha haha... 😂They will stay like this forever. I am still dealing with them. You cannot make them understand your issues because they already have a lot of stuff on their plate. So try accepting them. You can't change them. Focus on your tuning. One day they will understand you and vice versa. Don't treat them as a God. They are human beings too and can do mistakes.
I know some of them are good to read solutions but very difficult in practice. But are they really as bad as we think?? 

Can Future Anxiety have any Positivity in it?

What do you think about this? Well, I didn't think so earlier. But as I said, I researched my issues. I got that besides all the negative impact, they brought some good changes in my life, like :
How Future Anxieties aren't as Bad as You Think
  • It forced me to see the mistake which I was doing repeatedly in my career. So I was able to explore furthermore options.
  • As I was exploring career options, I found a good way to invest money which is to upskill yourself. This gave me many good opportunities. And I got my financial stability back as a reward✨.
  • When I started progressing then I realized that I used to put all my frustration about my failures on my partner and expected him to understand. But here is the tricky part, he too was frustrated about his career. So I saw a rise in efforts😌 by each of us to at least give respect and space to each other.
  • Eventually, I  wanted to share my story so I started reconnecting with the old friends, and guess what they were all in a stage similar to mine. ( See this the reason we all are friends😎. We all are having some issues in our lives).
  • I tried to share my problems with my family and tried to listen to theirs. Our bonding has increased like never before. But still, we used to have Mahabharat ( fights). I guess this can never change. But I don't want it to change.

This was just about above said anxieties. I was having issues related to my weight also and so I started HIIT. I used the reward method to achieve my target. Click here to know more about this Reward Method. And finally, I lost more than 20 kg🥰. There were many more such effects. But does this mean that we should always welcome such anxiety ?? NO! Those anxieties can push you down to an extent where you can even forget your identity. It took me many years to understand these positive effects. When you are clouded by them, you cannot see anything good. Although it has much positivity in it, still there will be a good chance of you going to the negative side.

How to overcome Future Anxieties?

See I am not an expert in this field. But there is some stuff which I did and it worked for me. So I am sharing it with you:
  • Meditation: To understand yourself and your true feelings, you have to concentrate on yourself and nothing like meditation can work better. Click here to know about the classification of thoughts.
  • Talk: This is very important. you should talk about your feelings with someone who is honest with you and cares for you. Either try talking to your elders or counselors.📢 You can even talk to your friend also. But beware. Not all people whom you talk to are your good friends. Some can do more harm than any good.
  • Physical workout: See the basic effect of anxiety starts with making you more couch potato. It brings your energy level down. Be physically active and bring that energy level up⬆. You will soon notice the change not only in your body but in your mind also. Click here for 6 minutes Yoga workout for stress-free living.
  • Read: Have you tried reading some good stuff? It's a very beautiful feeling.📕 When you are stuck in your life then the movement in these books makes you feel moving. Plus it gives your brains some good thoughts to process.
  • Change Focus: You cannot delete anything from your life. But when you change your focus on other stuff, then that thing loses its importance😉. Start any project like weight loss or reading or bodybuilding or teaching or writing or cleaning or rejuvenate some old stuff or do anything. Just do something. Click here to deal with Procrastination. And if you have time issues then click here.
How Future Anxieties aren't as Bad as You Think
These were some common ways which you can try. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Yesterday is HISTORY, tomorrow is a MYSTERY, but today is a GIFT––that is why it is called the present🎁.” Don't waste your gift by spending time on a mystery that is yet to come. Do subscribe to this blog ( from the link given at the bottom) to stay connected. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. You can even share your views by commenting below. Try living life in a Rustic way to get the most out of it. Stay Positive and Motivated!

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