Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Painting Hacks You Need to Know to Draw like a PRO Artist

Painting Hacks You Need to Know to Draw like a PRO Artist

The Internet is full of paintings and sketches and nowadays people are more active in this. This makes me wish to draw like them. But not everyone is blessed with that skill. Here I have some hacks that will help you in becoming a PRO Artist and draw awesome paintings. Don't forget to subscribe to this blog to get such hacks as soon as they are uploaded ( The subscription option is given at the bottom of this page. So let's get started:
  • Water Color Pencils: I recently came to know about these magical pencils. Actually, they are watercolors. You just have to use them as a normal pencil color and then use a wet brush to see the magic. Watch this video to see the magic.

  • Oil pastel colors: Here I am not talking about the oil colors which you use using a brush. I am talking about these colors which look like crayons. Why I love it? Because using a tissue or any paper you can blend them and they create a beautiful blending. Try these colors in your next project.

  • Brush pens: Water in watercolor makes things messy. But you can use these brush pens which are more comfortable than normal brushes.

  • Sketching Pencils: I really love those pencil sketches. I tried using a normal pencil. But getting different shades was difficult. Then I found that people use sketching pencils for different shades. Although an expert can draw using a pencil. But we are not experts and by using such pencils we can give an expert product.

  • Blow pens: you can get a free blow pen look using a normal toothbrush and watercolor also. But these are easier to use and are quite manageable. They give a consistent spray.
  • Whitener: Have you ever saw those white dots in the paintings?? They use whitener to get that effect in a more easy manner.

  • Stamps and Stencils: They give a full computer-printed look. They can literally add another dimension to your project.

  • Sketchbooks: I know you must be thinking why is this a hack? Actually its not a hack. The hack is its pages. In order to get hassle-free PRO paintings, the pages should not be too thin that color start leaking. You can go for a normal sketchbook or some already printed sketchbooks ( to enjoy coloring without having any stress about sketching). Nowadays many sketchbooks of different shapes and sizes are available. They literally look professional. ( I am in love with them).
  • Calligraphy Pens: Are you interested in calligraphy? But the nibs and inks are irritating you a lot? You can try the brush pens mentioned above or go for these easy-to-use calligraphy pens and make your words start flowing like a river.

  • Markers and Highlighters: I am really fond of them. They can be used in place of watercolors. I feel they are more strong and bold in comparison to sketch pens. Plus they will always help you in the time of need. Trust me on this guys.

  • Organizers: This is a serious issue for me. I don't know which type and how many colors I have. These organizers have solved my problem. In fact, this #DreamBig organizer has increased the cuteness of my desk.

  • Inspiration: There are a number of the account on Instagram which you can follow to get your inspiration. Some are Priceless Treasures, The Rustic Journal (which is obviously my account), oshupatternsfarah.brightart, and so on.

  • But to actually create magic, you have to start now. Don't wait and waste your time in just imagining stuff that can become reality if you start acting now. Do subscribe to this blog ( from the link given in the bottom) to stay connected. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook. You can even share your views by commenting below. Try living life in a Rustic way to get the most out of it. Stay Active and Magical!

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