Saturday, August 1, 2020

Friendship Day Gift Ideas Under Rs 500 !!

Friendship Day Gift Ideas Under Rs 500 !!
Hello! How are you ?? I hope you and your friends are good. And now it's time to make your friends feel special. So here I have a few suggestions for friendship day gift and that too under Rs 500 only !! Do subscribe to this blog to get such posts regularly. So let's start this :
  • Book or Hobby stuff: This kind of stuff helps in finding internal peace. You can buy it for yourself also.

  • Chocolates: Sweets for your sweet friends😋.

  • Badges and Wrist Bands: Friendship day is always related to such bands. It's like now they are bound to you officially forever. 

  • Mugs and Cushions: Sometimes they act as a constant reminder of your friendship ( Incase of pillow covers, just make sure that you are not sending them without cushions😅).

  • Electronics: Nowadays there are many cool electronics available. They are very innovative also like a Bluetooth keyring for those who always miss their keys, or a headphone Splitter to hear the same audio through the same phone.

  • Cosmetics: When in doubt, go for this option. Some of them are always useful just like a face wash. And some of them will make your friend experiment with new stuff just like blue/green eyeliners (I love them😍).

In the end, I just want to say that friends are priceless. Instead of giving any physical stuff, you can give your time to them. Subscribe to this blog and do share it with your friends. Stay Happy and Crazy!!

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