Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Story of a Bride: Storm Disguised in Beautiful Colors

The Story of a Bride: Storm Disguised in Beautiful Colors
Hello everyone! Here I have a beautiful painting drawn by my best friend. She is so awesome in this art (you can follow her from 
here! ). I loved this one a lot. Ok, tell me the first word which came to your mind after looking at this. Well, this is the beauty of art. It can be interpreted in many ways. And you can see from the title about my interpretation: The Story of a Bride: Storm Disguised in Beautiful Colors. Let me take you a little bit more deeply into it.

Being a bride is a new feeling but it is different from other new stuff. After marriage, many things are added to your life. Some are new or some are replacements. Like a lot of colors, functions, friends, gatherings, shopping, photoshoot, and so on. But some things are deleted also and a lot of things are changed. See if you place a puppy in between a group of kittens, then all will live happily by adapting to each other. But if you place a dog in a group of cats, then chaos can result. This chaos is the storm that I was talking about ( sorry for taking this weird example, but nothing else came to my mind - Cat and dog just mean two groups of different perceptions). The difference in both these situations is basically due to the time that a dog/puppy took before coming to the new group. It is easy to mold raw stuff, but difficult for almost finished products. Ok, let me be very clear that it is not always that chaos results. Sometimes people adapt.

The Story of a Bride: Storm Disguised in Beautiful Colors
But at the time of marriage- means during the process of leaving the past and going towards the future-  a bride hides the storm inside her into the beautiful colors which are on her. Things that she loves from childhood are going away from her. Although she is getting many new things which she now loves a lot. But it's not just things. It's the people, place, emotions, way of living, culture, and so on. 

Hey but guess what, life is all about these changes. I know a bride has to face some drastic major changes. But if she doesn't lose herself in the process, then trust me the original star inside her will keep shining as always. Nothing can change that. So to all to-be brides or new brides or any woman, Don't lose yourself. Else you will lose the meaning of life and it will become just a process of breathing.

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