Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Weight Loss Rewards !!

Weight loss is the ultimate reward that we want. But sometimes our weight loss journey becomes boring and less motivating­čśô. In those times, we need to give rewards to ourselves in order to stay motivated and stick to our goals. This reward system is applicable to any trackable journey. 
Weight Loss Rewards !!

Here I have examples of rewards which you can give to yourselves­čśë. The only rule here is to gift those things which are either motivating ( so that you stay on your track ) or make you feel happy without any distractions. It's like guilt-free shopping ( this is why I love this a lot­čśŹ ). You can subscribe to this blog to get all such articles.

As a first step, write your goal on a piece of paper­čôŁ and then mark your benchmark points. If you want to lose 10 kg weight then write it down with the date and then mark your benchmark points. It can be after every 2 kgs or even after 1kgs also. Then write down things you desire to have. They can be ­čĺŞluxurious or self-care types or related to your hobby or anything. Then write them in front of those benchmark points, but in increasing order of their importance in your life.  As an example, see this reward list of losing 10 kg:

Weight Loss Rewards !!

Here things are arranged in ascending order of their importance. Like this person is in love with a bag which he eagerly wants. So it is placed in the last. And facial is a reward for him but not that special so it is on the top. He wants to have a facial but not that much desperately as he wants that bag. And if you don't know how to lose weight as time is an issue for you then I have a solution: click here!

I guess now you are clear about this reward system. So here I have a few suggestions for things that you can add as your reward:
  • Full-Length Mirror or Ring light: Have you seen any salon or gym without any mirror? These mirrors help you in gaining self-confidence by letting you meet the most important person of your life which is you yourself. When you see the change, you get motivated to work out more. Similarly, now you will tend to click more of your pictures to flaunt your new version, and to get that perfect picture you may need some extra stuff like a Ring light.

  • Fitness equipment: Well this is a very large section. You may reward yourself with a weighing scale to track your progress or a set of dumbells or something like that to enhance your workout level.
  • Diet stuff: You can get an infuser bottle or a blender to maintain your diet. You can even add Green tea or Moringa powder or any such stuff.
  • Fitness Trackers: These are not necessary stuff. They are feel-good kind of stuff. It makes you feel more professional and dedicated to your goals.
  • Hobby or Sports stuff: Hobbies are the one which helps you increase your creativity and positivity level. Do try rejuvenating your old hobby or sports.

  • Face Mask: This is a type of self-care that you give to yourself. Sometimes due to lack of proper diet, you start becoming weak and face is the first one to show this. In order to get back your glow, have a proper diet, and use these face masks to start glowing from both inside and outside.    
  • Any Self-care kinds of Stuff: You can give yourself a foot mask, hair spa, face cleanser, face massager tool, or anything that makes you feel good.

  • New Outfit / Apparel or Accessories: When you buy any new apparel of reduced size then it not only makes you feel good about yourself but also boosts your confidence up. From the belt to the bag, to any footwear, buy any accessories and flaunt it with your new figure­čśë.

  • Badge or Token for your achievement: You can buy small badges or bracelets to award yourself for your efforts.

See our main aim is to always keep moving. This reward system is just a tool for that. You can try other tools also. Just be positive and motivated. Life is a beautiful but short journey. Utilize each second efficiently. And if you agree with me then do subscribe to this blog to get the latest updates. Stay happy and motivated!

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