Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Weird Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan Under Rs 500 !!

Hello everyone! Here I have some weird gift ideas for your irritating and yet loving sibling on this occasion of Raksha Bandhan and that too under Rs 500 only.

Weird Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan Under Rs 500 !!

You can try these for your sister or if you want then you can give them to your brother also. So let's start this:
  • Mosquito Bed net Canopy circular curtain: This is not only weird but a usable gift that will definitely give the feeling of royalty...
  • Weighing scale: This will really be fun. It's healthy, but a reminder about his/her weight.
  • Garnier Face Serum Sheet Mask: These are very refreshing, especially during the lockdown, when the salon facility is not available.

  • Wooden Tic Tac Toe Portable Game: This is a small fun game to irritate your sibling by defeating him/her again and again.
  • Stylus cum pen: Obviously, giving a tablet is a little bit away from our budget, but you can give the feelingšŸ˜Ž...   
  • Headphone Splitter: If you really want to have fun with your sibling then start sharing music by such splitters ( and yes I don't think there will be any common music you both can find without having few arguments ). 

  • Girnar Instant Premix with Masala: If you both are lazy and tea lovers, then this will make your tea time very effortless.
There are many such options. But the best gift would be your time. Give time to each other and trust me, the child inside you will automatically come out. Stay blessed!

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