Saturday, July 11, 2020

Don't Have Time For Workout ?? Here's 20 Minutes HIIT Weight Loss Workout Routine For Beginners

Hello Everyone! I know we all wanted to become physically active 🏃but we have time issues. There are some people who even don't know how to start this😓. So here I have an easy solution😉 for all of you that not only makes you physically active but will cause weight loss also ( although the amount of weight loss will be determined by your diet). Well, it's already mentioned in the title that we will use HIIT as our solution.

HIIT is high-intensity interval training. We will do exercise with high intensity for a few seconds and then take a short break and again repeat the process. This will continue for a few minutes. According to researchers, HIIT produces the same benefits as other normal workouts in a shorter duration of time😎.

Here I have a 20 Minutes HIIT weight loss workout routine for beginners. So the steps are :

1. 20 sec --------- High knees
2. 10 sec------------------- rest
3. 20 sec---Mountain climbers
4. 10 sec --------------------- rest
5. 20 sec -------------------Squats
6. 10 sec ---------------------- rest
7. 20 sec------------------ Push-ups
8. 10 sec ----------------------- rest
9. 20 sec ------------- Side Lunges 
10. 10 sec ------------------------ rest
11. 20 sec ------------Jumping Jacks
12. 10 sec ------------------------- rest
13. 20 sec --------- Bicycle Crunches
14. 10 sec -------------------------- rest
15. 20 sec ----------------- Tricep Dips
16. 10 sec---------------------------- rest
17. 1 minute --- break/ rest / you can take 1or 2 sips of water

Repeat about steps 3 more times which means you will be doing these steps four times. So then the total duration will be 20 Minutes. 

Trust me its effect is almost the same as that of an hourly 🕖workout at the gym. If you find these exercises difficult then you can either do it slowly or change it with the one you find comfortable. And if you want to raise its difficulty level then you can do these exercises fastly or change with the harder ones or you can change the time duration of workout and rest ( like 30-sec workout and 10-sec rest ) or you can repeat the above steps for more number of times( like 5 times or 6 or so on ). 

Any workout should be done 2-3 hrs before or after 5-6 hrs after having food. But I would suggest you that don't do it empty stomach, because you should have some energy or else you will get tired soon and will leave this workout routine. You can eat one🍌 banana or have one or two healthy biscuits🍪 or anything light and good.

One thing I guarantee you is that you will feel good about yourself after doing this. Weight gain or loss is not the only motive of workouts. Feeling good about yourself 😇is the key to the success of any workout or anything in life. Stay happy!


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