Friday, June 26, 2020

July 2020

July 2020
Hello Everyone! So this is my July 2020 journal cover page. I thought this month things should be more related to nature, and the best symbol of nature is plants/leaves.

 Colouring everything in green was very relaxing. It's like a color therapy where green is used to get relief from stress and to restore the overall balance.

This month's theme is - " Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt ". For understanding better this theme system click here. I thought its high time, I should become confident by removing my doubts, so this was a very appropriate theme for me. You can select other such themes that suit you and your current mood or your current goal.

Life is very short. Don't waste your time. Once you start utilizing each second properly, then you will see how things are changing rapidly and where are you with respect to them. Stay motivated!

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