Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Special Interview with Jenna !!

Hello everyone! Today I have a special guest with me - Jenna 🥰. We are having a small chit-chat session. So let's know her through this session :
Special Interview with Jenna !!

Me: Hi!
Jenna: Hello!
Me: How are you ?? Btw you are looking awesome today.
Jenna: Oh really ?? Thank you!! It's God-gifted.
Me: Why don't you share your secret behind this beauty? I mean just see your hair. They are so silky and shiny.
Jenna: Well that takes a lot of effort. I use a kit specially designed for me containing oil, shampoo, powder, and lotion🧴. So it's like a complete package.
Me: Wow! That would be so amazing.
Jenna: yeah.. but it's very time-consuming⏳.
Me: Still its output is worth it..ok so tell me about your diet. Are you vegetarian ??
Jenna: Pure veg.
Me: Good! And what are your favorite foods ??
Jenna: Well the list is very long. Actually, I am a selective kind of foodie. I love to eat fruits like mango 🥭, watermelon 🍉, orange, etc. In dairy products, I like milk only. And yes I love paneer. It's like I can't control myself when I smell it. Then I  prefer raw vegetables like potatoes🥔 , bottled gourd, etc.
Me: Why raw vegetables?? Why not cooked?
Jenna: Because I think that after cooking its taste changes and so is its nutritional value. But in the case of milk,🥛 I prefer boiled milk. But obviously at normal temperature.
Me: Wow! That was very specific. Ok so tell me about things which you don't like.
Jenna: I really hate those Street dogs🐕. I don't know what is their problem. They always shout at me. This makes me angry and so I shout at them back.
Me: oh! So tell me one thing which you don't like about your family??
Jenna: Well there are many such things..but one which confuses me a lot is that they always change my name, from Jenna to Choti, then to Sheru, and so on...
Me: oh! Well, I guess that's human nature. Always changing... Ok, Jenna. It was really nice chatting with you...We can do such sessions more...What do you think ??
Jenna: Obviously.
Me: Ok then bye.
Jenna: bbye !!

So this was my Jenna. I really enjoyed her. In fact, we took some photographs📸 also. And I would love to share them. So here is our Jenna:

Now you know my Jenna🐩, so try reading that interview session again. I hope you also enjoyed the way I enjoyed it 😄. Keep smiling!