Tuesday, May 26, 2020

June 2020

Hello everyone! So finally May 2020 is going to end and June 2020 is going to start.

June 2020
For this month's journal cover, I decided to draw something lemon and orange mix because they give a little bit of cooling sensation to reduce the heat of this month.

Talking about the heat of this month, it's not just about the weather. COVID-19 is also affecting this month while lockdown is getting more lifted. Now we have to be more careful.

This month again I have selected a motivating theme which is - "Dreams don't work unless you do." To get a better understanding of this theme and all, you can click here.

Life is full of craps. We all have wasted a lot of time in those craps already and I am sure we will continue doing so. These techniques help me to use every single remaining second on this earth fully in some constructive stuff which ultimately made me ignore those craps. I hope you get my point. So it's a request to live your life to the fullest. Stay alive!

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