Sunday, May 17, 2020

Lockdown Lessons !!

Well, I don't know when will this lockdown be lifted completely. But staying in our homes have made me realized a few things which I would like to share with you :
  • I have learned a new meaning of family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. I mean Living with them 24*7 inside one house, with all having one common agenda of staying safe, have made me understand their perspective better. Now I know there is no prominent member of a family. Each member is important in their own way and has a perfect role here which cannot be interchanged with others.
    Lockdown Lessons !!
  • Another important thing I have realized is that the most important part of a house is the Kitchen. Yes !! It contains real treasures🎇🎇. And there is no limit to exploring it. You can try making new dishes every day through the internet or any other source, and still, there will be so many new recipes left on this planet. It will never be over. But the fun part is that now I feel Like a Kitchen King  - Ready to fight hunger🤴.
  • I really give less time to myself. We work for our career and financial stability all day. But we miss our emotional stability. Our creative and bright side is lost somewhere. So in this lockdown, I tried working on it and this has resulted in a better me in many ways. I have completed many personal and household goals. It really made me feel better.
  • Washing hands regularly was always my kind of stuff. But now I have realized that with clean hands, clean clothes, clean footwear, clean house, and many such kinds of stuff, are also important. I mean, even your mobile phone 📱☎needs to be properly sanitized daily ( this doesn't mean to wash it😜 directly).
  • I still don't have time. Yes, I am still so busy that I am not free for other stuff. So I realized that I can never have time🕓🕞 unless and until I make special arrangements for it.
  • Sometimes I used to think that due to our busy culture, I have lost all my friends (especially the old ones). But then in these few days, I get some time to reconnect with them, and trust me we all are still insane😜😂 with zero mental growth.
  • I also realized that being spiritual, boost your positive side and motivate you to tackle your problems more confidently😇.
  • Earlier I used to think that my basic expense is on food. But then staying at home and doing things online has reduced a lot of side expenses💵 like that on petrol, buying unnecessary pieces of stuff and so on. I have saved a lot, so now after lockdown, I will do some big shopping😎.
  • I also realized how important is it to be healthy 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️and have a proper and good diet. Actually, when you are at home doing nothing and eating everything, then weight gain is a common issue which I guess we all are facing now.
  • One important thing which I have learned that a household job is the most difficult job 😓and it requires a lot of physical, mental, and all types of strengths.
And the most important thing which I learned is the significance of life🙂. In this situation of life and death, nothing else matters if you are not alive. All your happiness, your problems, and everything else are there only when you are breathing. Once this stops, everything will vanish automatically😔. So we should make every remaining moment of this life count.
This was all my lockdown lessons. please share your lockdown experiences with me by commenting below. I would love to hear them🥰. Stay happy and alive !!

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