Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mother - A living Goddess

Every year we celebrate Mother's day on the second Sunday of May. Mothers 👩‍👧‍👦are the most special person in our lives.

Mother - A living Goddess
 I was wondering that in our whole lifetime, we see many goddesses in our mothers. We just don't realize this and take her for granted. Here I have names of few goddesses ( according to Hindu mythology ) that we see commonly in our mums:
  • Saraswati ( symbol of knowledge ): Our first teacher is our mother🤱. She taught 📝us when we were just newborns. She will be the one who will always try to teach you despite your age.

  • Durga ( symbol of Power ): When it comes to her child, a mother will show a tremendous amount of power🔥. She can cross any limits to save her child.Don.t you felt the same when you were ill and she was the one taking care of you all night without a single drop of tiredness.

  • Lakshmi ( Symbol of prosperity): whenever we need some money💸 or wanted to buy something then who comes to your mind first... Obviously, maa!

  • Annapurna Devi ( Symbol of food): When I was a child I used to think that my mom is a magician🧙. she goes into the kitchen and do some magic and within few minutes something tasty is ready. There is no particular time of her magic. she can do it anytime. But now she wants me to learn some tricks and therefore when I ask her now at any random time then she is like go outside and eat the biggest stone present there to keep your mouth shut😅.  

  • Ganga ( Symbol of Purity): I feel I can purify myself after telling her about my sins. Although sometimes she starts behaving like a volcano🌋, the end is always the same which is me becoming free from any sins at least in my view.

  •  Kaali / Chandi ( Symbol of anger against evil ): This form I usually see when either I tell her about my sins or I get caught by her red-handed. We all know that Mum can become so furious that she can even burn🔥 things with her stares. Ever felt Like that?

  • Santoshi Ma ( symbol Of happiness and Long life ): coming home on holidays and then if ma is missing then it's like where is she. Without her, this home is just like a house🏠 made up of cement, bricks, and all. She is the source of our happiness. And seeing her, back at home, is like a little increase in our mortal life. Whenever we are in any kind of trouble, she is the first person who came to our mind.

And there are many more such examples. But now we can say for sure that🤩 a mother is a living goddess. There is nothing which you can give to her which will make her happy except your time. She just wants your time. She tries harder to become a part of your grown-up lives😔. So on this mother's day, I request you to spend some quality time with her. Make her feel special🙃. Stay Blessed!

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