Sunday, May 3, 2020

World Laughter Day

We usually celebrate World Laughter Day on the first Sunday of May every year to increase the awareness of the healing benefits of laughter. Actually, we forgot how to laugh, so now we are celebrating this day just to remind us of the meaning of laughter.

World Laughter Day

One of my favorite benefits of laughing is that it prevents aging by decreasing our stress level, which improves our health at various levels. It also acts as a painkiller for different types of stresses.
Nowadays we laugh, but it is not from our inside. Deep down, we are just locked up inside a dark room full of negativity. But we have to open the doors and let some light enter in order to remove that negativity.

Laughing doesn't heal you. But will give you the strength to at least face your wounds and then, since you are quite capable of healing yourself, you will find your way. Just imagine two persons sitting in a room. Let their name be Damon and Stefan. Damon is laughing and Stefan is not. When a third person came into that room, (let that person be Elena), she will think that Damon is in a good mood and Stefan isn't. In fact, if Elena has a good mood then she will like to join Damon to increase her happiness. And if Elena isn't happy then also she will go to Damon because his positivity will attract her negativity (now this was a lot about the vampire diaries). So the point is, no one wants to go with someone sitting sadly and people prefer those people who are always in a good mood or used to laugh again and again. So they will make more friends and enjoy life more than those who don't laugh (that person will eventually become lonely ).

I know life is tough. Mine is not very different than yours. In fact, we all are facing a hard time in our own way. But a little laugh can act as a ray of hope in this darkness. So keep laughing and make others laugh too. Stay happy!

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