Thursday, April 30, 2020

Journey to Self Exploration

Hello everyone! 
Today I am trying this new concept of the podcast😅. I really need your honest feedback. So please share your experience here with me😊.

Journey to Self Exploration

I know nowadays life is totally a mess. So in order to clear it, we are doing many things. Some works and some don't. Here I am presenting you a small audio clip of guided meditation😅. Please do listen to this audio completely. I am sure you will like it and it will definitely help you in clearing your head ( at least a little bit )😀.

It is basically a journey to self-exploration👼. So before going to listen to this, please sit down comfortably in a quiet room and do use earphones, because then it will be more effective. And yes, the language used in this podcast is a mix of Hindi and English or you can say it is basically in Hinglish 😄...
So here it is:  Journey - 1

I hope you enjoyed this small and beautiful journey😇. Stay blessed!

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