Saturday, April 18, 2020


I was wondering about types of reflection🌗 we see in our day to day lives.Then I found one beautiful example of reflection- children👧👦.

A child is a reflection of not only his parent's characteristic but a combination of characteristic of whole 👪family. Characteristics include both physical and mental. Sometimes we see reflection of people who are not related in blood with him but spend some quality time with him. I guess this is the reason why we usually use this word "innocent" for children.

I know you must be thinking that it is obvious for a child to have such reflections and so it is not a new thing. But it would become a new feeling if you see your reflection in him. Yeah..thats true..I saw my reflection in my sister's daughter and that too not only once or twice , but many times.She used to hide chocolates🍫 in fridge in the same way as I used to do. In autumn season, when leaves🍃🍃 start falling then some plants🌱 shed their seeds also. I used to collect them in my childhood as if they were going to convert into some gold seeds like we see in disney movies. And then now I saw her collecting those seeds as if they were some kind of treasures. I can relate how excited😊 she must me while collecting those seeds.

We never know where we will face our reflection and in which way.So I would like to suggest you that keep doing things whose reflection makes you feel 😇better and alive.Stay positive !