Sunday, April 19, 2020


Hope is a desire for a particular thing to happen. It is like a ray of light in the dark night.  It is a sign of optimism😇. Having hope is like having a charged battery which will push you for a longer period towards your goals. This charged battery 🔋can result in either something constructive or something destructive.

Too much of anything is always bad. When you hope a lot of things then there is a 100% chance that you may fail and the result can push you away in a land of strange feelings😨.

Aristotle said, "Hope is a waking dream ".But don't forget it is just a dream which has no meaning unless you do something for it. Hope is solely a game of luck and depending on this game totally will always make you lose. I was hoping for a lot of things this year. I planned📝 many things in advance. This shows my optimism😇. And then my dearest🛑 Corona ( COVID-19)🚧 came. Suddenly those planning started looking like a waste of time. I was wondering that hope makes us more vulnerable😓. Here you can see my pessimism 😞which, I guess, is my true nature. I wasted my time⌛ dealing with this change by just thinking about it. Now I was having no hope. I was in a very bad state.

After giving some jerks〰️ to myself, I realized that now my options are not limited. Things happen for a reason. And for finding that reason we should first clear those stupid blocks◼️ from our mind. I can now see that things are going according to my actual plan, not according to the plan which I made in pressure after losing my hope. I guess optimistic I have started talking again😇. Now I am sure I have this dual nature 😎.

It's a very debatable topic. Hope on one hand can cure 🩺 cancer patients and on the other hand, losing hope can kill any healthy person also. But one thing I can say for sure that having hope even in a small amount is necessary for living life 🙂else life would become a breathing process only. Stay alive!

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