Sunday, April 26, 2020

Life is a Sine Wave !!

I don't know 🤔whether you all are aware of sine wave or not. So here is a brief introduction of this wave.

 It is basically a graph📈📉 of a particle moving in the pattern shown above in various time🕑 intervals. It's maximum value in positive ( or up) direction is 'x' and in negative ( or down) direction is '-x' . It is moving continuously like this again and again.

I guess now you know this graph better🤓. While studying this wave, I realised that our life is quite similar to this wave. It goes up and down many times🔃 like this. We just forget about this time 'T' while analysing our lives. Between time ='T/2' to time ='T' , our life is negative and we assume that it will always remain like this forever😞. We should always try to see our lives over total time period. And if it is still negative, then it means you haven't completed your full cycle. Just wait for the time to change your direction🙂.

There is one more similarity. If your life is going downwards then wait till it reaches to '-x'. Because after this it will start going up till it reaches the same value in positive direction i.e. 'x'. So it's like the more you fall down, more you will rise up😉. It's vice versa is also true. But we will try being optimistic here and ignore it's reverse statement 😎.

Sometimes I think🤔 if our life was like a constant line instead of this sine wave, then maybe we will get bored😒 as without some twists and turns there will be no fun 😉. Life is all about these ups and downs. We shouldn't get disheartened 💔on falling down and excited🤩 in rising up. That's the only way of leading a neutral and rustic life😇. Stay positive !!

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