Thursday, April 23, 2020

May 2020

Hello everyone🙏 ! April is going to end soon. It was a different month for us😅. We can also call it a lockdown⛓ month. And soon we will have a new month - MAY 2020🥳😊.

May 2020

This is the first page of May 2020😇 in my journal. I know I am not artistic, but at least I try. I found this pattern online. It was really easy and making so many cute kitties was fun. I can stick to such kinds of stuff instead of drawing. It's all upon me and my mood. I prefer that option which makes me happy and obviously which is easily available😉.

And this month's theme for me is: Life is too short to be average. It is not clearly visible in the picture because I have given it a special effect😎. I thought making the shadow of letters will make it look good, but I guess I did the wrong way 😅. This happens to me a lot. But this one will work fine for me, so no worries😀.

If you are new here 🙀 and don't know about this theme stuff, then click here to know the importance of a theme.

I really wish that by the end of May 2020, we will control this COVID-19. Life is stuck in this lockdown. I am trying my best to maximize the benefits of lockdown and I expect you to do the same because else we will be breaking ourselves😔.

I have many expectations and things to do this month. So let's see how this month goes😇. Stay motivated!

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