Thursday, March 12, 2020

Importance of a Theme

Nowadays every convention has some theme. I was wondering why people use different themes every year. Then I did a little bit of digging. I found out that people use themes to increase their productivity. It shows the direction in which they have to work for a particular time period. It is basically a single step towards their goal.

I liked this concept of themes. To use this concept in life, I got an idea. Every year in the month of November and December, I start reviewing my year, and then I decide what should I do next year. Accordingly, I googled various themes- one for next year and 12 others for each month. Yearly themes should be changed every year...but monthly themes can be reused as it is or in the shuffled form in next year...

Since we don't know our future, so sometimes I put all the 12 themes on different papers and fill them in a jar. Every month I pick one paper out of that jar and follow that theme for that whole month. But sometimes we can predict our future. So another option is that we designate all the months a theme at the beginning itself.

Just having a theme is only the beginning. You have to work on this theme also. You can write the Theme of the month on your daily journal or on a wall or on the calendar or anywhere from which u can see it daily so that it will remind you what you have to do.It's a good source of motivation towards your goal. Theme can be as big as a line or maybe just a single word. I prefer short ones because they are easy to remember and I feel they are more powerful.

Some examples of such themes are :
• Dance in the rain
• Create your own sunshine
• Inhale confidence, exhale doubts
• Action > words
• You are enough
• No pressure, No diamonds
• Prove them wrong
• Go with the flow
• Hope is a waking dream
• Expect nothing, appreciate everything
• Normal is boring
• Impossible is just an option

You can find many such examples online. Just select those which you feel relatable and work on them. Life is too short to be average. Stay special!

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