Sunday, March 29, 2020

April 2020

I really feel good by using various journals. After using some good and ready made journals , I realized that I need a journal specially designed for my purpose.And the only one who can help me is me myself. So I decided to make my own journal. I will describe my personal journal-making process later on in this blog.

This is April 2020 cover pic of my journal.I know I am one of the worst artist present in this world but still I am trying and I guess that's the most important thing. There is no need of such designed cover. Infact you can simply write the name of the month and nothing else. I did this to stay attracted towards it. Actually when we buy ready made planner / journal then we follow it to some extent because of its attractive nature , beautiful design , good quality of paper, etc . But I cannot have all those things when I am making my own journal. So to stay connected , I did this.

You can also see that I have written theme of month. To know more about the importance of themes click here . 

For this month I used pizzas. Because inspite of being unhealthy , I like it. It sometimes show cool modern trend, and I want my April to be cool because here summer is already started and heat of some task is already up there. There are a lot of things which I want to do in this month that I will write below the theme. And obviously I did this design and everything to achieve my goals. To know importance of goals click here

I hope you will try journalling too.Stay blessed !

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