Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Fun things to do at Home

Sometimes we really want to stay at home and sleep for a decade. But when we get such an opportunity then this idea becomes quite boring and also it feels like a pure wastage of time. 
Fun things to do at Home

But here I have few ideas to make your stay at home quite productive and enjoyable :
  • Declutter: ok I know many people don't like this, but for people like me it acts as a stress buster. It helps in decluttering not only physical things but also my mind.
  • DIY: the internet is fully loaded with many do-it-yourself activities. You can try anyone who belongs to your field.
  • Online courses:  💻you can even start an online course of your interest. In fact, there are some courses online which are free of cost. You can even learn any language also.
  • Pending list:🧾 you can create your list of things that are pending or Things that you want to do in the future. In fact, you can make a brief plan of future activities and complete the pending task if possible.
  • Chatting: 📲you can even try calling your old besties or have video calls with your friends and family. I know this is not so productive, but trust me gossiping is always interesting.
  • Cook:👩‍🍳 since you have plenty of time, so you can try making dinner from morning itself. See here if we take two extreme cases then one will result in you becoming a chef and the other one will result in you becoming a superb cleaner. In both the case you will definitely enjoy.
  • Indoor Picnic:⛱️ I know there may be some shortage of supplies also, but a basic picnic means having some time together with your loved ones. The remaining things which you can add are an indoor suitable place, carpet, obviously 🥛water for drinking and some snacks or any other stuff available to eat.( Music🎶 is optional) 
  • TV shows 📺: This is also not a product but is very entertaining. You can watch any new or old movie or show. You can even have a movie night.
  • Indoor workout: try any indoor workout like🧘 yoga, Zumba,🏃 aerobics, etc. It's a good time to invest in getting into shape.
  • Rejuvenate your old hobbies🥁🎻: you can try rejuvenating your old hobbies like calligraphy, guitar, 🎨painting, singing🎤 , etc
  • Spa at home: I know the spa 💇in the salon uses many products which may not be available to you right now. But we have the internet which is full of homemade beauty recipes. And since they are homemade so are natural and don't have any serious side effects.
  • Earn extra 💸: you can start something online such as a blog 🖨️or vlog. There are also many genuine freelancers works available online. But be careful because there are many fraud sites are also available.
  • Photoshoot: Try having your own photoshoot by using the camera in timer mode if you are alone. Else you can have the help of your family member and can even have their photoshoot also. You can even print them afterward and have a personal folio.
  • Renovate: You can try renovating your space according to your own way to use that space more productively.
  • Family time: 👪It's a good idea to invest your time in your family and kids. It will increase the understanding level in your family and you will get to know each other's problems also.
  • Reading📖 : This is good for your mind. You can try e-books if hardcopies are not available.
  • Insta stories: If you like to be socially active then you can do any of the activities mentioned here or any other of your choice and make your own Instagram or Facebook stories. You can even try using other apps like tik-tok and all.
  • Music🎶 : try listening to your favorite music or try finding your taste in music 
  • Dancing💃🕺 : try some hook steps or even normal steps. Prepare dance on your favorite songs.
If you have something else in your mind then you can try that also. Just enjoy this life as much as possible. Stay safe and happy!

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