Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Road not Taken

This was the poem by Robert Frost.
The Road not Taken

It's a very lovely piece. I think the author was trying to tell how one decision can change your whole life and the maximum chances are that you can't change that decision after making it.

Life is just like these roads. We come to many crossroads just like decision-making time. Some are easy and some are difficult. Some are life-changing and some will not change anything. Some are time-bound and some are not bounded by time.

The author gave a description of two such roads. He wanted to travel on both just as sometimes we want both the options. But since we are single travelers and can walk on only one so we have to select one. 

So finally author selected the road less traveled, left the other road for some other day which may or may not come, and this has made all the difference in his life. It sounds so familiar. When we decide to select one option and leave the other one, then we regret sometimes and sometimes we rejoice. But it always has some consequences. 

This poem is all about that dilemma which we all face in our lifetime. It's a very popular poem and we can see the reason behind its popularity. It's quite relatable. It reminds us of that decision which was difficult to take and after taking its consequences was big. Or maybe some people will be on the verge of taking such decisions. All I wanted to say is that life is all about such crossroads which actually shape us to this present form. So take that decision carefully and in time. Only two types of results are possible. One would act as a blessing and the other as a lesson. So don't regret anything. Stay happy !!

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