Friday, March 13, 2020


Fear is a feeling, in fact, a negative feeling. We feel it when we think something wrong is going to happen or when we are unsure of our future.

But why we think something wrong is going to happen. If we hadn't done anything wrong and fulfilled our duties faithfully, then how anything wrong will happen. And if something wrong happened, then it will go away after some time, leaving you with some bonus points because you were honest about your duties. So have faith in yourself. But if you had done wrong then firstly it is past now, so you cannot change it and secondly, now it's your responsibility to face the consequences faithfully else it will again become a wrong past.

Sometimes we have this feeling when we don't know about something. We don't have enough knowledge to remove fear and get our confidence.

For example, in exams, there are some students who got nervous breakdown because they hadn't studied much. Here they had done wrong by not studying so they gave to bear the results. But if they use cheating to avoid the results then there are chances that they may get caught and debarred from giving future examinations. In fact, much worse can happen. Then there are other kinds of students who have studied properly but are unsure of the questions in the exam and are panicking. Panic can make things much worse. Those students should have faith in themselves and their studies. Nothing wrong can happen. Some questions may be tricky or difficult but with the help of this faith and knowledge, any question can be solved. Life is also a type of examination where fear has only a negative impact.

After going through the above two cases, we can say that fear means lack of knowledge and faith and can be removed by creating an abundance of knowledge and faith. But remember faith in negative things and incomplete/wrong knowledge can even lead to more harmful results. Be the best version of yourself by overcoming your fear. Stay faithful!

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