Saturday, March 14, 2020

Right APPROACH towards solving your problems

Sometimes we get very confused. Either there are many options or no option. Either we have to start something fresh or just need a fresh start of something old. We spend days and days doing nothing. Then we start getting irritated on even small things. We even try asking for help from everyone and sometimes this makes things worst.

But you know what, the best person whose advice is perfect for you, who knows you best is none other than you yourself. So instead of finding answers from outside, try searching inside yourself. So, what we need is to talk to ourselves. Talking to other people is quite easy and effortless. But talking to yourself is very difficult and yet very important. It may not help you to solve your problems, but it will help you to identify them. When you know the identity of the culprit, then finding him becomes quite an easy task. The first step to solve a problem is to identify it first.

So now the question is how to talk to yourself. Well ! that depends on which type of person you are. Some people use a mirror or diary/journal to talk to themselves. Some people sit alone in a quiet place and there they talk to themselves by introspection. Or some people meditate to get their head clear and then they give a fresh look at their problems. You can choose any option which works for you. What I do is meditate first, then I write my problems on a paper, and by introspection, I try to find its solutions. And then I  plan my daily task to solve those problems. It's like taking baby steps towards solving my issues. This also helps me in finding the right person/ source for gathering information regarding my problems.

In the end, it's you who has to solve the problem, who has to take the decision, and who has the power to conquer the world. Stay powerful!

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