Sunday, March 8, 2020

Importance of GOAl in Life

Importance of GOAl in Life

Life without a goal means just breathing oxygen in and carbon dioxide out... Or like a black and white movie to which GOAL adds colors.
There is this special quote by Abraham Lincoln - " Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax. " In our case chopping down, trees means living and sharpening the ax means to increase your creativity for which you should have some kind of aim.

Your goal doesn't need to be very great or big, it can be small like learning a new dance/art form or any other hobby /skill. You can aim to get healthy. It doesn't need to be revolving around you. You can even aim to help some poor child and make him/her ability to live life on his/ her own. After achieving your goal, you can even make another goal and start this beautiful journey again.

Nowadays life is very busy, there is no time. But it is also the fact that depression or suicidal cases are increasing. This journey of achieving your aim will give you that thing which is missing in your life i.e. Happiness. People have time to chat or use any social media. But they don't have time to learn that hobby which they want to learn in past but were unable to do due to those problems which are absent today. Life is too short. Don't live aimlessly. Have some goals that will change your perception of this life. Instead of tiring, this journey to your aim will be a stress buster, energy booster, and full of happiness ( This path may contain some stones which will be very small in comparison to the happiness which this path will give you). And you can spread happiness only if you are happy. So go find your goal, be determined to achieve it, and get set, go !!

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