Monday, March 9, 2020

Classification of Thoughts

Our thoughts are of four types :
1. Necessary thoughts
2. Positive thoughts
3. Negative thoughts
4. Waste thoughts
Classification of Thoughts :

Let's take an example to get a clear difference among these types of thoughts :

I woke up one morning🥱. While I was still in bed, I prepared my task for that day. I have to pay some bills, I have to return some books back to the library and so on ( Necessary). Then I  got a message from my colleague that I have to give a presentation today😰. I hated that guy. He always gave me some bad news. It's like he was full of venom ( Negative ). So I started my preparation. Then I got stuck in some problems and I was like why I can't do anything on my own. Why life has to test me every time( Waste ). Then I got a call from my boss. He was just checking in whether my presentation was completed or not. I told him about my problems and he gave me very simple solutions. Well, that's why he was our boss😎. He fixes every problem quickly. We all used to appreciate him a lot( Positive ). So I finally made my presentation and rushed to the office. I gave my presentation, it was just ok. But after then my boss handled everything well. In lunch ours, our whole group used to eat together. While I was eating, I saw our new intern for the first time. He was trying his best to look best in his office attires. I was wondering🤔 why he joined here. I guess he was not suitable for this. He has Mercedes and he was still an intern..( Waste ).

I guess now it's quite easy to differentiate among all the types of thoughts. We all know that negative and waste thoughts are very harmful to us. In fact on going deeper, even positive thoughts are not needed. They sometimes create illusions that may have some after-effects. Only necessary thoughts are needed to have a peaceful life. Make yourself so busy that only necessary thoughts are present. And trust me you will feel very light and happy. Stay busy !!😄


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    1. I am glad that you liked it and gave me such an encouraging response...😇