Sunday, March 8, 2020

Women's Day

People call it a women's Day to celebrate independence and empowerment  of women. But are women really independent and empowered ?? Does a woman need a man to tell her that she is independent??...There are many such questions..

But the answer is quite simple and basic .Every man and woman needs to mutually coexist. That's it !😎

Survival of the fittest is a phrase that originated from Darwinian evolutionary theory. Many of you must  have heard about this.In layman's terms, it says that only fittest one will survive in the battle of life among various different types of species..But what many people forgets is that men and women comes under same category ( i.e. human ) so there is no battle.The only term should be coexistence.

But if we treat any one high or low means that they are not  the same species and after battle only one will survive and other will extinct. Unfortunately for existence men and women both need eachother. So extinction of one means extinction of both...

There is a difference between equal and co exist. Man and woman are physically and mentally quite different. There is no point in treating them equal. We should treat them fair..Eg. if a man can uplift 80kg and woman can uplift 50 kg , then  why a woman have to uplift 20 kg container in kitchen and man have to hold 10 grams of paper in office.This doesn't mean that she cannot uplift 20 kg but with a man's help or any other women's help she can do it in a little bit easy way..And similarly with others help a man can hold 10 grams in a more relaxing way.

So on this women's Day lets just think about this term mutual coexistence and if possible then try alo..😅.Its a broad term and it lies between not only man and woman but between man and man or woman and woman.In short human should focus on mutual coexistence among themselves for their happy survival.

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