Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Ready to Bust some Bullet Journal Myths??

Ready to Bust some Bullet Journal Myths??
Bullet Journal is a very easy-to-use tool. I like the way, it makes my life more productive and more meaningful. If you want to try something new and better in life, then I would say try Bullet Journal. It is now trending all over the world because of its simplicity and yet high efficiency.

But still, it comes with various myths which makes it quite complex. So here I am presenting you some of the common myths about Bullet Journal (BuJo) and the real truth behind these myths.

Let's have some of the BuJo myths get busted:

Myth: Good hand-writing is compulsory for Bullet Journal.

I belong to that category of people who are known for their worst hand-writings. And here I am with you sharing my BuJo experience. So, as long as you can read your own handwriting, all is good for you. Also, you don't have to write long paragraphs or so which needs a good presentation.

Myth: Bullet Journal is just like a planner.

A bullet journal is a tool or a method that can convert any diary or notebook into a combination of many types of journals, like planner, art journal, fit journal, and so on.

Myth: A Bullet Journal is a time-consuming process.
Ready to Bust some Bullet Journal Myths??

It may take some time in starting and setting up a Bullet Journal. But after this, it all depends on you. How much time it needs is decided by you and the goal which you want to achieve.

Myth: A Bullet Journal needs a lot of supplies.

Again it depends on you. The basic supplies include a notebook and a pen. Rest products can be considered as embellishments that are not necessary to add. I would like to suggest you keep this to a minimum so as you don't lose the real BuJo's essence in these embellishments. 

Myth: A Bullet Journal needs thick papers.

If you are not going to use watercolors or thick sketch pens/ markers, then thin papers will also work fine. And if you intend to use such things occasionally then at that time, just stick 2 or 3 pages together for that occasion and enjoy your BuJo.

Myth: A Bullet Journal is just a hobby.

You can take it as a hobby also. But it is more than a hobby. It is a way of living your life and I prefer this way because it supports me by organizing my life and helping me find the solutions to various problems of my life.

Here I have a video busting few myths mentioned above. If you want then you can I have a look at it:

I hope by busting these myths out, I have cleared some of your BuJo doubts also. And for remaining doubts or myths, you can always contact me by commenting below. I would love to that hear from you. Please do subscribe to my blog so that we can stay connected or follow me on Instagram: therusticjournal0210 or like my Facebook page: The Rustic Journal or subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Stay happy and positive

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