Monday, March 8, 2021

Just one year ago, I gifted this blog to myself on Women's Day. The idea behind this was just to share my thoughts, experience, and opinion with you all. But now, it has evolved into a more learning and self-aid type platform. This one year was full of new experiences. I learned a lot through this blog and I really hope that this learning continues till my last breath. Also, I got very lucky in this one year as I got you all as my partners to this amazing journey of journaling and rustic life. Thank you a lot for such support and motivation that we can have our own First Blogiversary...🥰🥰

I was wondering how to give gratitude to all of you. Then I thought a mini collection of Perception's blog posts, from this last year, would not be a bad idea. So here is this ebook- click to download! Enjoy reading this mini collection!

Let's continue this journey together with lots of positivity and happiness. Share your experience with me. I would love🥰 to hear them. Please do subscribe to my blog so that we can stay connected or follow me on Instagram: therusticjournal0210 or like my Facebook page: The Rustic JournalStay happy and lively

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