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Gift yourself a Jar of Self Love

Gift yourself a Jar of Self Love

What is Self Love?

Self-love simply means loving yourself. It includes:

  • Giving all those appreciations to yourself which you give to your loved ones
  • Forgiving yourself because you are a human who can do mistakes
  • Prioritizing yourself 
  • Making your body feel good
  • Guilt-free eating of high-calorie food
  • Giving some quality time to yourself
  • Becoming mindful of your body, work, relation, and yourself
  • Not comparing to anyone else (you are unique)

Why is it so important to practice self-love?

By reading the above definition of self-love, you may think of it as a luxury kind of stuff. But in reality, it is the necessity of a human being. There is high pressure of performing well in the work field, household, relation, and similar area. We have lost ourselves in this chaos. This is the reason why self-love is so important. We need to gain our self-confidence back. We should accept ourselves as the way we are. 

Difference between Self-love and Egotist

Ok now don't get confused with self-love means being an egotist. An egotist is a self-absorbed person who only thinks and talks about himself.  But when a person forgets about himself, while focusing on the outside world, then he/she needs to remind himself that he/she too needs love. This is when the concept of self-love is introduced. Self-love will give him/her that emotional strength that will help him/her in spreading the love around himself/herself.

How to practice self-love? or What are the ways of practicing self-love?

Well, there are many ways of practicing self-love. It is you who has to decide what are the things which you really like to do for yourself. Here are some examples of ways which you can try:

  • Try something new like a new hobby out of your comfort zone.
  • Revive your old hobby which was lost due to the chaos of life.🚴‍♂️🎨
  • Have a new hair cut/ body or head massage/ manicure/ pedicure or any other service.
  • Buy a new dress for yourself.πŸ‘—πŸ‘•
  • Make a new friend.
  • Have a nice talk to an old friend.
  • Buy a gift for yourself.
  • Take a good picture of yourself or make your own video (posting it on social media doesn't matter. You can have it for yourself).
  • Try cooking.
  • Go outside and eat your favorite dish/ new dish.πŸ•πŸ”
  • Try a different fitness workout.πŸƒ‍♂️🧘‍♀️πŸ‹️‍♂️🀸‍♂️
  • Travel to known/unknown place alone/ with friends or family (If you are going alone, then be careful. Your safety should your priority).
  • Read some good books.πŸ“—πŸ“š
  • Watch the latest movie/ tv series.πŸ“½
  • Try making youtube videos or blogging just as a hobby (If it becomes successful, then it will become an extra source of income).
  • Do one thing that you are scared of (But do it within limits. You should not place yourself in any danger).
  • Have a pet dog /cat or any animal/bird.🐢🐦
  • Plant a tree or make your own dream garden.🌺🌳
  • Clean your wardrobe, remove clothes which either are not of your size or are very old.πŸ‘”πŸ‘š
  • Renovate your room by either using professional help or by doing it alone or with the help of family/friends.
  • Donate.
  • Try meditation or journaling. In journaling, you can write daily/weekly about your feelings or use some journal prompts to write.🧘‍♂️
  • Make a schedule of doing at least one thing daily/ weekly which you really love to do.πŸ₯°
  • Make a morning/night ritual consisting of anything. It can be like having a cup of special coffee/tea alone in the garden in the morning or gazing at stars at night. It can be even just combing hair and applying good cream with a beautiful smell on the face. You can design any ritual for yourself in this way.

  • Remove unnecessary people from your social media.πŸ“²
  • Daily using self-love affirmation.

How to get a Jar of self-love?

Now, this is very easy. Either buy a fancy jar or use and decorate an empty jar available in your home. Try using a jar made up of glass. This will make this jar attract your attention more. If you don't want then you can use a jar of other material also. Then make some chits ( folded paper) of either white paper or colored paper. Write one suitable way of practicing self-love. Then fold it and put it in that jar. Make a reminder to use that jar either daily or once a week or depending upon your requirements.

Whenever the time comes, you take out one chit randomly and do whatever is written on it. Here the rule is that you have to do whatever is written on that piece of paper and that you can't exchange that chit with others in the jar. Be careful while writing on the paper because you actually going to do whatever is written on that paper. You can even make this jar for someone else as a gift.

Self Love Affirmation

Internet is loaded with self-love affirmations. Here are some of them which, I hope, will make you feel good (It is like a daily affirmation pack for one month or 30 days):

Self love affirmation

  1. I am enough.
  2. I forgive myself.
  3. I am allowed to do mistakes.
  4. I accept myself and I am proud of myself.
  5. I choose myself.
  6. I radiate love.
  7. I am surrounded by love.
  8. I am capable of reaching my goals.
  9. I am strong
  10. I believe in myself.
  11. I love my own company.
  12. The universe supports me.
  13. I am kind to myself.
  14. I follow my heart.
  15. I deserve good things to come to me.
  16. I stand up for myself.
  17. I let go of things from the past that holds me back.
  18. I allow myself to heal.
  19. I deserve to be respected.
  20. I have limitless potential.
  21. I rest when my mind and body need.
  22. I am perfect in my own way.
  23. It is ok to feel bad sometimes.
  24. I respect my boundaries.
  25. I am in control of my life.
  26. I can make my dreams come true.
  27. I am improving day by day.
  28. I deserve success.
  29. I radiate with self-confidence.
  30. I am a beautiful soul.

The world at present is really depressed and deficient in love. To spread love, first, you have to fill yourself with it. This the reason why I suggest you practice self-love. You can share your experiences or doubts by commenting below. I would love to that hear from you. Please do subscribe to my blog so that we can stay connected or follow me on Instagram: therusticjournal0210 or like my Facebook page: The Rustic Journal. Stay lovely! 

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