Monday, July 26, 2021

Should Parents be Happy Without Us?

Should Parents be Happy Without Us?

 Hey! A few days back, it was my parent's wedding anniversary. It was not the first time when we were not together. They actually don't celebrate much. But they try to do at least one thing to make the other person feel special. We, as kids, used to suggest them better gift options. 

This time it was different. Some of our relatives and family friends of their age came to surprise them. My parents were thrilled to have them. The whole day they were busy partying. Then at night, they shared some pictures and videos with us.

I felt bad. It was not that I cannot see them happy. It was they were happy without us. I was very upset and irritated on that day. It was like someone was taking away my right of making my parents happy.

Now, after few days, I realized something which makes me feel ashamed. Don't you think, our parents are also humans. In front of us, they behave like someone mature, knowledgeable, responsible, and so on. But when they are with people of their age group, then they behave in the way they actually are. They were free and so they were enjoying the moment. This is what a human being wants in life. I should be happy that they got such a chance. By the way, they liked this party thing so much, that they are again planning it. But this time, it is a surprise for someone else.

Whole life, we use to run to achieve things in such a way that we forgot to live in that moment. If someone is getting a chance to do so, then we should be happy for them. It doesn't matter whether that person is your parents or your friends or you yourself or anyone you know. 

I have learned my lesson, what about you? What do you think? Should our parents or friends or any loved ones be happy without us? Comment below your answers or share your experience with me.

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