Saturday, April 18, 2020

Unlocking Lockdown

Lockdown is the present need of the world. But some people call it house arrest and give it a total negative shade. Well it is negative  to some extent. Living full day inside our home 🏡 with a bunch of few people who we call a family👪 where everyone has a different frequency. One simple task will become debatable. It is not that we lack understanding, but it's like we don't want to understand each other anymore maybe because we have found some other people who understand us better but unluckily they are also trapped in their house arrest ⛓.

Childhood👧👦 days were different. People used to participate in each other's life and so they have a common understanding.But now its like we all are very loaded in our own lives that we don't have time for each other .We all are burdened with our future insecurities. I don't blame anyone. Its all a part of nature's process of maturing.

And now the most awaited moment🕗 is near. Lock down is going to be uplifted soon. We all can go back to our normal life away from our family both physically and emotionally.We will go back to our world.

But now I am not happy😔. Its like I want more lock down. This lock down has removed all my future insecurities and we all were worried only about survival.We all used to think about things like food🍛🍝 , cleaning , things to buy , taking care of each other and so on. This matched our frequency. We all started to vibrate 〰together like good old times. We all became happy. I saw a couple in my neighbour who used to fight a lot. They were cleaning their balcony together.After that they went outside together wearing all mask and gloves and brought essential items for their kids.I have never seen such understanding level in them.And here in my home everyone has become expert in every field. Now everyone try their hands in kitchen and all the household stuffs. So we have realised the importance of household work and the one who does it.

My all future insecurities which were gone, are back now.Its like a dream is over now and you have to face the reality.The reality is harsh.And the bonding which we have developed now in our home is unbreakable.We all used to sit together and drink tea with some snacks and continuously laughing😄 and gossiping about each and every thing.

Lock down has unlocked my life and for this I am very grateful😇 to it.And now I guess we have to move on with our lives. But these memories of lock down will always be cherished by us.Stay safe! Stay happy !