Monday, April 20, 2020


Don't you think fireflies are magical creatures? They can glow 🌟on their own. They don't need a battery 🔋or anything. Darkness is never an issue for them. This is called being self-dependent😎.

When I was a child, I used to think that if they can glow then it means that they are having any heat or 💡electricity source. And going near them will burn us😅. Now I know that this light is their signal for communication. So maybe as a child, I used to scare them and through light, they used to shout for help😁.

On some night outs at forest🌳🌲 or wild areas, you can see them in a group. They look happy and create a beautiful scene together😍. It appears as if some magic🎇 is going to happen soon. If you haven't lived this moment yet then please plan now. Maybe it will help you in igniting your light too.

Don't you think they sound similar to humans? The only difference is that we have lost our light💥 and faith in the power of unity👫. But what if we remove these differences. Life would be so magical. Even just thinking about this has ignited a small light inside us. So just imagine if we start working in this direction, then how our life would change😀😉. Stay Magical!

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