Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Golden anniversary of Earth day

Since 1970, Earth day🌏 is being celebrated every year on 22nd April. So now in 2020, it is 🎇the Golden anniversary🎊 of Earth Day. 

Golden anniversary of Earth day

Our nature has its own way of restoring the balance between its every component. We, humans, consider ourselves superior to other components and try to rule over them😓. As a consequence, we are locked up inside our homes.

Unknowingly, we are giving the best gift to our earth by staying at home due to lockdown. Lockdown has resulted in lesser pollution, better air, and ozone quality 🌄, cleaner water bodies🌊 and the list goes on. I guess COVID-19 is Earth's defense move😅 against all types of human attacks.

It is still not too late. We can also contribute😇 to creating the right balance on earth by respecting each and every other component of nature. Planting trees🌲🌳 is a very basic step. Try going one step deeper. We can try vehicle pooling🚗 whenever possible. Stop or at least reduce plastic usage. We can place the water pot outside our home or on the balcony during summers for stray animals 🐶and birds🐦. This list is very long, but I can conclude it as start using your common sense😉.

But don't worry if you are unable to contribute to it because our Earth 🌏has the power of self-healing. It will heal itself at any cost. You just have to worry about how much you are going to pay when it starts healing itself😎. Stay Safe!

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