Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Hidden Thorns

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share a short story with you...

It was a beautiful day. I decided to give her a special surprise. What could be better than a perfect bouquet of roses? So I bought it, removed all the thorns, packed it beautifully, and sprinkled her favorite fragrance on it. I knew that she would start jumping after having this surprise and would definitely add those flowers in her project whose final presentation was on that day itself. That project was very important for her. I was well prepared and made very clear instructions to the courier person. 
The Hidden Thorns
Then the most awaited moment came. I got a call from her. I was all smiling. But the voice which I hear was crying. Before she could say anything I imagined the whole thing in one second. She was so ungrateful. I mean I can never do anything that can make her happy. It was my mistake that I even tried. My volcano was waiting for the right time to explode. Then she started telling her story. Her project was rejected because it got damaged by the use of those roses. I didn't understand what happened. They were such beautiful flowers. She explained further. The fragrance of those roses attracted many unwanted bees that destroyed everything. I was really sorry. I didn't mean this. I know she must be so upset but still instead of being angry with me, she was crying. I was so wrong about her. She was so kind and still had to bear my doings.

This story is quite similar to our lives. Many times we do our best ( for ourselves or for someone else)  but the results were not as expected and we start reacting to it. We wanted to understand things but we are unable to do so. We always try to spread roses but those roses can act as a thorn for some people. In the story, he tried to give her roses but for her, it was roses with thorn hidden in it. 

The hidden thorns of this story were discovered although after some negative self-talk. But in our lives, we rarely find those thorns, instead, we become one such thorn and start hurting the one whom we care the most. Don't judge anyone instantaneously. Give some time to them and to yourself. Things, that are good according to you, may be the worst option for others. So always check for such hidden thorns before giving those roses. Stay happy!

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