Friday, June 19, 2020

Journey of a Father

Hello everyone! Today I will share some different aspects of a beautiful💫 journey from a Boy to a Man and then finally to a Father.

When he is a Boy 🙇 , he is dependent on others on every matter. His responsibility level is zero. He only cares about himself. He is very curious. He just wants to know the world.

Then he becomes a Man 👤. He is independent in almost every matter. He now understands the value of a woman in his life. His responsibility level is 40%. He cares only about himself with his partner together. He is confident. He wants to conquer the world🌏.
Journey of a Father

Then, finally, he becomes a Father👨‍👧‍👦. Now he is totally independent of the outside but dependent on the inside. He doesn't care about himself now. His life is everything about his kids only. He is always worried now. His responsibility level is 110%. He wants to make a small kingdom in this world for his kids. His nature changes depending upon his child.

In dealing with a Boychild👨‍👦 , he thinks that he got another version of himself and will make sure that this version doesn't make the same mistakes that he did. He is now a king full of rules. Sometimes his boy calls him Hitler too.

And then in dealing with a Girl child👨‍👧, he thinks that he got a better version of himself who is true royalty. He tries to make a kingdom for her and wants her to be treated like a princess only. He becomes a king🤴 for her and a source of happiness and antidepressant kinds of stuff.

In short, he wants the best life for his kids in each and every manner. He works hard all his life with this aim only. And soon he starts understanding his father who is now like a friend to him. Appreciate his journey and keep loving him as a daughter/son and as a happy resident of his kingdom🤴👸. Long live our king!

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