Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Welcome to the Planners 2021!!

Welcome to the Planners 2021!!
This year is going to end soon with the beginning of a brand new year. People like me got another chance to do experiments with their planners. This year(2020) I had decided to use a planner designed by me according to my needs. It was a really fun, rustic, and relaxing experience. Although I faced some issues due to lack of time. So I decided to go back and start using planners available in the market. I thought it is the best rustic way for me to deal with the next year.

On the other hand, the Internet is flooded with a variety of such planners. You can even gift them to those who like stationery products and are fond of this planner system. I know it is costly, but just divide the total amount by 12, to get the monthly expenditure of your planner. If you still think it's not economical then you can always go for a handmade planner. Click here for a free course about journaling that includes how to set up your own bullet journal/planner.

Let's have a look at some of the famous Planner 2021 available:

  • Alicia Souza - The 2021 Ultimate Planner & Pocket Planner: I have used the previous versions of this planner. One thing which I can predict, with just my experience only, is that it will always motivate you to open this planner. The quality, design, and everything is pretty tempting. It has its undated version too as you can see below.

  • Bowerspace Make-My-Day Planner Kit 2021: This is looking more like a professional one. It is simple and yet classic. It contains a lot of accessories also.
  • The Ink Bucket - 2021 Planner: There we have another luxurious planner with almost all the planning stuff which you may need. This has also its undated version too.
  • TINYCHANGE 2021 Classic Life Planner DiaryThis one is comparatively cheaper and less attractive than the previous ones. But it is still going to do the job of planning well. The one additional thing it had, which we can see from the description available in it, is that it had some guidance about how to use this planner.

  • Other Planners: Yes there is a wide range that can not be listed here. Some of them are:

Apart from the above, we have some different types of journals also like dream life journal, gratitude journal, my bucket lists journal, and so on. You can find some of them here:

It's really hard to find the one perfect for me. So I prefer handmade as I have told you in the beginning. But for next year, finding the one planner who will be with me for one full year, is really very challenging. Let's hope for the best.

Our life is really very messy and when we have a chance to plan it using such beautiful tools then why not! It can be an act of self-love or source of motivation or anything. Sometimes it's good to invest your money for pleasure.

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